About StreetChic

StreetChic is a platform for Japanese car culture. With articles on builds, events, shops, parts, and DIY tips, we document what’s going on in the streets of Tokyo and all across the island.

Bringing JDM, Stance, Hellaflush, Itasha and Drifting culture to the world

StreetChic has a Japanese site aimed for the domestic audience, as well as the English site you’re looking at, aimed for the global car community. Our main goal for the English version is to be a bridge between the underground Japanese car scene and the world, delivering stories on unique custom/tuning that’s happening in Japan to car freaks worldwide.

The meaning behind the name

We chose the name StreetChic because, we believe that car mods don’t always have to be about how flashy and fancy the it is, or how much money has been spent on the car. We believe customizing cars can be enjoyed on any level, no matter how small the scale may be.

With a down-to-earth perspective, we focus on the spirit or vision of a builder, and what went on in his/her mind behind each mods, instead of how much Yen have been spent or how epic the build is. We shine the light on cars or customizers that are often overlooked on other platforms, to find out what they are about. That’s our StreetChic ethos.

Our goal is to expose the joy of riding and manipulating cars to a new generation while also bringing the retired tuners that have stepped away from the scene back into the fold, in an effort to help invigorate an industry that continues to shrink in Japan.